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The Benefits of Flat Muffler Tips

You don’t need to tell us how much you love your car – we get it.  You want your car to have an unsurpassed look while not sacrificing one ounce of performance or efficiency.  Flat Muffler tips from Thunder Exhaust lend a distinct, unique look to your car’s exhaust system while preserving the performance you […]

Muffler Tips

Does your muffler look bland? Is your car styled to your liking but your muffler falling behind? Never fear! The team at Thunder Exhaust is ready to help. We offer a large line of customizable and American-made muffler tips that are ready for your vehicle. Our staff is trained and knowledgeable for installing these products […]

Chrome Exhaust Tips

Looking to show your love for the automotive industry? Want to have your car look good while doing that? Thunder Exhaust is your one-stop shop for all things exhaust. No matter what your exhaust need may be, we offer American-made quality exhaust tips for any vehicle. If you’re a car enthusiast and want to turn […]

Flat Exhaust Tips

Here at Thunder Exhaust we are proudly leading the custom exhaust tips in the industry with our quality, American made products. Our tips are suited to for all vehicles – cars, hotrods, trucks, grocery getters or vans. Whatever you drive, make sure it stands out. With Thunder Exhaust, you receive the best in flat exhaust […]

Exhaust Parts

Do I need an exhaust tip? Custom exhaust tips have surpassed the test of time. They are a sure-fire way to draw attention to your car and show everyone your love of all things automotive. With our custom-made angle cut and straight cut exhaust tips, you can be sure to draw a crowd at every […]