The Benefits of Flat Muffler Tips

You don’t need to tell us how much you love your car – we get it.  You want your car to have an unsurpassed look while not sacrificing one ounce of performance or efficiency.  Flat Muffler tips from Thunder Exhaust lend a distinct, unique look to your car’s exhaust system while preserving the performance you need and expect from American-made, top quality parts.  Flat muffler tips are an excellent way to ensure that even the lowest profile vehicles have an exhaust system that can keep up with the needs of their engine.

No-name, off-the-shelf parts like flat muffler tips can look great on day one, but either lack the performance, durability, or quality to really serve you and your vehicle well in the long-term.  As car enthusiasts, we know you want your ride to be a head-turner.  That is why we pride ourselves on being the exhaust shop of choice – for enthusiasts, by enthusiasts.  Our expert staff will help guide you to the flat muffler tips that are the correct size and length for your particular vehicle, in a style and finish that suits your tastes, to ensure that your vehicle has the unmistakable look and feel you desire.

Flat Muffler Tips to Fit Any Vehicle, in Any Style

Here at Thunder Exhaust, we pride ourselves on the breadth of our selection and our commitment to quality parts.  From the weekend hobbyist to the everyday gear-head, whether your interests are in racing, classic cars, or just dressing up your car, truck, or SUV so your day-to-day driving looks sleek and stylish, our expert staff will devote our craftsmanship and professionalism to making sure you are complete satisfied with your flat muffler tips.  No matter what your exhaust system needs, Thunder Exhaust can help you.

  • Replace rusted or aging muffler tips.
  • Showcase your unique personal style.
  • Integrate your new exhaust system into your vehicle’s look and feel.

Whether you’re replacing a factory exhaust, upgrading a custom system, or doing a total vehicle overhaul, choosing flat muffler tips can be a great way to add a distinctive look to your vehicle, particularly in low-profile cars, without sacrificing exhaust system performance.  No matter your needs, experience, or reasons, Thunder Exhaust is here for you.  We’ll make sure you are matched up with first-rate flat muffler tips at a price you can afford.  To learn more about our products and services, contact us at

When you choose Thunder Exhaust, you get our promise of quality and professionalism, which we commit to deliver to every customer.  With your new flat muffler tips installed, your car is sure to get plenty of attention while supplying you with excellent exhaust performance.

Renew Your Vehicle’s Look with Ohio’s Finest Aftermarket Exhaust Tips

In most cases, no matter how sleek or stylish the rest of the vehicle is, the factory exhaust system has fairly bland and boring exhaust tips.  For the car enthusiast, no amount of lifting, lowering, painting, lighting, or other customizations will really look complete until that boring old factory exhaust is replaced.  Like icing on the cake, the right aftermarket exhaust tips can take a customization from “good” to “great.”  That is why Thunder Exhaust is here.

With an expansive line of customizable, high-quality American made aftermarket muffler tips for any vehicle type from compact racers to souped-up SUVs, and our staff are experts at all the ins and outs of your vehicle’s exhaust system.  Our staff can help you get the look and feel you desire.  We love cars, just like you, and that love is what sets us apart from other auto industry retailers.

If you’re seeking the highest quality aftermarket exhaust tips for your car, truck, or SUV, look no further than Thunder Exhaust.  Our products not only look great, but will provide exceptional performance for your engine, and are highly durable.  Crafted of high quality mirrored stainless steel, common enemies of exhaust systems like rust and flaking are no longer your concern.

The Thunder Exhaust Commitment to Excellence

Here at Thunder Exhaust, our customers always come first – no matter what.  As discerning as we are about the quality of our products, that commitment is surpassed only by our commitment to great customer service.  If you are a car enthusiast in the market for custom exhaust parts and aftermarket exhaust tips, we invite you to contact us at with any questions.  We look forward to helping you find the aftermarket exhaust tips that are perfect for you.

If you want high-quality aftermarket exhaust tips for your vehicle, Thunder Exhaust is the way to go. Our muffler tips are made from mirrored stainless steel so you will never have to worry about rust, flakes, or any other annoyances! While our products are top-notch quality, our service is even better! Our customers will always be top priority and we will go above and beyond to ensure you are completely satisfied with your purchase! If you would like to learn more about our muffler tips, shoot us an email over at We’ll answer any questions or concerns on your mind.

Muffler Tips

Does your muffler look bland? Is your car styled to your liking but your muffler falling behind? Never fear! The team at Thunder Exhaust is ready to help. We offer a large line of customizable and American-made muffler tips that are ready for your vehicle. Our staff is trained and knowledgeable for installing these products on any vehicle and the process is simple and hassle-free.  We devote our love for the automotive industry into our products and we only provide the best.

If you want high-quality muffler tips for your vehicle, Thunder Exhaust is the way to go. Our muffler tips are made out of mirrored stainless steel so you will never have to worry about rust, flakes, or any other annoyances! While our products are top-notch quality, our service is even better! Our customers will always be top priority and we will go above and beyond to ensure you are completely satisfied with your purchase! If you would like to learn more about our muffler tips, shoot us an email over at We’ll answer any questions or concerns on your mind.

Rejuvenate Your Vehicle’s Aesthetic

Give your muffler the lift it needs with one of our custom muffler tips! Our muffler tips are made in the USA and will be sure to turn heads wherever you go. We pour our heart into everything we offer and we’ll be sure to help you get the most out of your purchase. Here are a few of the advantages you get when receiving one of our premium muffler tips:

  • A fresh new look – attract eyes wherever you go
  • Freedom from rust damage and other issues
  • Affordable muffler tips with proper build quality
  • Top-notch service to go with your muffler tips

If you’re looking to breathe new life into your vehicle, look no further than Thunder Exhaust. Our staff will work with you to find the perfect custom muffler tip for your vehicle. To learn more, you can contact us at

A New Look With Quality Materials

Our custom muffler tips are not only made to turn heads, but also to be dependable. Quality over quantity is a priority at Thunder Exhaust and we will make that apparent when we work with you. If you would like to know more about the products we provide, reach out to us today at One of our team member will be more than happy to talk with you today.

Chrome Exhaust Tips

Looking to show your love for the automotive industry? Want to have your car look good while doing that? Thunder Exhaust is your one-stop shop for all things exhaust. No matter what your exhaust need may be, we offer American-made quality exhaust tips for any vehicle.

If you’re a car enthusiast and want to turn heads wherever you go, Thunder Exhaust is the exhaust shop for you. All of our chrome exhaust tips are comprised of mirrored stainless steel (with a chrome finish in this instance), which means you’ll never have to deal with rust or any other frustrating issues. Our chrome exhaust tips are premium and our service is unmatched. If you would like to learn more about what we can offer for you, email us today at We’ll answer any questions you may have about our products.

Quality and Versatility In A Small Package

We don’t mess around when it comes to exhaust tips. The team at Thunder Exhausts understands that you want your vehicle to standout and make a statement and we devote our passion and craftsmanship into making that happen for this. Due to the vast amount of vehicles we service, we’ve compiled a list of vehicles we’ll offer chrome exhaust tips to:

  • Classic cars
  • Race vehicles
  • SUVs
  • Trucks
  • Compact vehicles
  • And many others!

If you want to style out your vehicle with a good-looking chrome exhaust tip, Thunder Exhaust has you covered. We’ll provide you with top-notch chrome exhaust tips at an affordable price. Contact us today at

Stand Out With A Premium Look

We promise quality and it’s what we deliver with all of our customers. Your car will turn heads with your chrome exhaust tip no matter what day of the week it is! We’ve got exhaust tips for any car you drive and our products will treat your vehicle with the utmost care.

Contact us today at to learn more. We look forward to showing you the Thunder Exhaust experience.

Flat Exhaust Tips

Here at Thunder Exhaust we are proudly leading the custom exhaust tips in the industry with our quality, American made products. Our tips are suited to for all vehicles – cars, hotrods, trucks, grocery getters or vans. Whatever you drive, make sure it stands out.

With Thunder Exhaust, you receive the best in flat exhaust tips on the market. Not only are our employees knowledgeable and able to assist you in selecting the right exhaust tips for your vehicles, we also are leading the industry in customer satisfaction. Contact us today and we’ll get your car looking great for the New Year.

Choosing the right size

In order to choose the correct size flat exhaust tip for your vehicle you need 3 key pieces of information.

  • Inlet Size – The inlet size of your new tip must match the diameter of your tailpipe. For example, if you have a 2.5” tailpipe you need to make sure your new exhaust tip is also 2.5”.
  • Outlet Size – Make sure that your new exhaust tip will fit the shape of your car or truck to avoid an awkward fit or potential burning of your vehicles body. This measurement is the tip’s exhaust end.
  • Length – How far is your new exhaust tip going to extend? Make sure that gasses are pushed away from your vehicle and that your new tip isn’t so long that it becomes an obstacle for those around your car.

For assistance in choosing the size of your new flat exhaust tip, click here to leave us your contact information, or email us directly at and we will be in contact with you shortly.

Make sure your car stands out

Give your car the custom look it requires to be the hottest car going down the road.  Let Thunder Exhaust get your car noticed by everyone you pass, be the star of the car show or cruising town on a Saturday afternoon.  Heads will turn when you roll by. We make exhaust tips for everyone – the soccer mom who wants to dress up her daily driver, the die-hard car enthusiast, and the NASCAR ® fanatic. We’ve got you all covered.

Contact us today at We look forward to turning you into another lifelong Thunder Exhaust customer.

Exhaust Parts

Do I need an exhaust tip?

Custom exhaust tips have surpassed the test of time. They are a sure-fire way to draw attention to your car and show everyone your love of all things automotive. With our custom-made angle cut and straight cut exhaust tips, you can be sure to draw a crowd at every car show or anywhere you go.  Our exhaust tips are great to:

  • Replace rusted or worn out factory tips
  • Show your unique style
  • Show off your new exhaust system

Make sure your car stands out in the crowd with a Thunder Exhaust custom exhaust tip. Contact us today and we’ll get your car looking its best.

Finding your style

Your car has a certain edge, a specific look to it and our exhaust tips are the perfect accessory to complete it. What style is right for your vehicle? This is something no one else can decide for you. It is all based on your particular taste. We offer two different cut exhaust tips in several different sizes for our clients. They are:

Angle Cut:

  • 2 ¼ “
  • 2 ½ “
  • 3”

Straight Cut:

  • 2 ¼ “
  • 2 ½”
  • 3”

If you need assistance in finding the right size or cut for your vehicle you can contact us at or fill out the contact information here and we will be in touch with you shortly.

Simple one stop shopping

Once you have selected the cut and size of exhaust tip you can order directly from our website. We make the buying process as simple as possible. Select the cut and size that you would like and click “Buy Now”. You will be taken to a PayPal menu for quicker and more secure payment services.

Click here to order you custom exhaust parts today and don’t hesitate to contact us at with any questions.

The Thunder Exhaust Difference

When quality matters you can rely on Thunder Exhaust for your exhaust parts. We pride ourselves on our ability to assist our customers in choosing the right tip and aiding them in selecting the correct size for their vehicle.

We thank you for the opportunity of earning your business and hope to hear from you soon. Shoot us an email with any questions or just to talk shop. Without you all, we wouldn’t be able to do what we love, and that is providing car parts for car enthusiast near and far.