Flat Exhaust Tips

Here at Thunder Exhaust we are proudly leading the custom exhaust tips in the industry with our quality, American made products. Our tips are suited to for all vehicles – cars, hotrods, trucks, grocery getters or vans. Whatever you drive, make sure it stands out.

With Thunder Exhaust, you receive the best in flat exhaust tips on the market. Not only are our employees knowledgeable and able to assist you in selecting the right exhaust tips for your vehicles, we also are leading the industry in customer satisfaction. Contact us today and we’ll get your car looking great for the New Year.

Choosing the right size

In order to choose the correct size flat exhaust tip for your vehicle you need 3 key pieces of information.

  • Inlet Size – The inlet size of your new tip must match the diameter of your tailpipe. For example, if you have a 2.5” tailpipe you need to make sure your new exhaust tip is also 2.5”.
  • Outlet Size – Make sure that your new exhaust tip will fit the shape of your car or truck to avoid an awkward fit or potential burning of your vehicles body. This measurement is the tip’s exhaust end.
  • Length – How far is your new exhaust tip going to extend? Make sure that gasses are pushed away from your vehicle and that your new tip isn’t so long that it becomes an obstacle for those around your car.

For assistance in choosing the size of your new flat exhaust tip, click here to leave us your contact information, or email us directly at ThunderExhaust@gmail.com and we will be in contact with you shortly.

Make sure your car stands out

Give your car the custom look it requires to be the hottest car going down the road.  Let Thunder Exhaust get your car noticed by everyone you pass, be the star of the car show or cruising town on a Saturday afternoon.  Heads will turn when you roll by. We make exhaust tips for everyone – the soccer mom who wants to dress up her daily driver, the die-hard car enthusiast, and the NASCAR ® fanatic. We’ve got you all covered.

Contact us today at ThunderExhaust@gmail.com. We look forward to turning you into another lifelong Thunder Exhaust customer.