Renew Your Vehicle’s Look with Ohio’s Finest Aftermarket Exhaust Tips

In most cases, no matter how sleek or stylish the rest of the vehicle is, the factory exhaust system has fairly bland and boring exhaust tips.  For the car enthusiast, no amount of lifting, lowering, painting, lighting, or other customizations will really look complete until that boring old factory exhaust is replaced.  Like icing on the cake, the right aftermarket exhaust tips can take a customization from “good” to “great.”  That is why Thunder Exhaust is here.

With an expansive line of customizable, high-quality American made aftermarket muffler tips for any vehicle type from compact racers to souped-up SUVs, and our staff are experts at all the ins and outs of your vehicle’s exhaust system.  Our staff can help you get the look and feel you desire.  We love cars, just like you, and that love is what sets us apart from other auto industry retailers.

If you’re seeking the highest quality aftermarket exhaust tips for your car, truck, or SUV, look no further than Thunder Exhaust.  Our products not only look great, but will provide exceptional performance for your engine, and are highly durable.  Crafted of high quality mirrored stainless steel, common enemies of exhaust systems like rust and flaking are no longer your concern.

The Thunder Exhaust Commitment to Excellence

Here at Thunder Exhaust, our customers always come first – no matter what.  As discerning as we are about the quality of our products, that commitment is surpassed only by our commitment to great customer service.  If you are a car enthusiast in the market for custom exhaust parts and aftermarket exhaust tips, we invite you to contact us at with any questions.  We look forward to helping you find the aftermarket exhaust tips that are perfect for you.

If you want high-quality aftermarket exhaust tips for your vehicle, Thunder Exhaust is the way to go. Our muffler tips are made from mirrored stainless steel so you will never have to worry about rust, flakes, or any other annoyances! While our products are top-notch quality, our service is even better! Our customers will always be top priority and we will go above and beyond to ensure you are completely satisfied with your purchase! If you would like to learn more about our muffler tips, shoot us an email over at We’ll answer any questions or concerns on your mind.