• Diverse Selections

    From trucks and compact cars to racing vehicles, Thunder Exhaust has all sorts of inspired race designs to make your vehicle stand out.

  • Customized Setups

    For DIYers, we offer universal exhaust clamps for easy mounting – all mounting is done past the catalytic converter, making it easy to do.

  • Quality Performance

    Our exhaust tips are made from all mirrored stainless steel material, meaning they'll never rust, flake, or tarnish like chrome finish exhaust tips.

  • Welcome to ThunderExhaust.com!

    At Thunder Exhaust, we offer standout, race-inspired designs which can be put on any vehicle: cars, trucks, SUVs, hot rods, or compact vehicles. Our flat exhaust tips feature a “Nascar style” design, which is created for mass appeal. Enhance the appearance of your vehicle, new or old, with a set of our premier exhast tips, crafted with all mirrored stainless steel material.

    Our products hold appeal for all types of vehicle owners, from Nascar fans and drag racing fans to the everyday car, truck, or automotive enthusiast. Thunder Exhaust is a trusted supplier of easy-to-mount flat tips, with straight-cut tips which are mountable on the rear of any vehicle. For trucks or other specialized needs, you can also get angled-cut tips. Our products are designed for do-it-yourselfers – the universal exhaust clamps allow for easy application to your vehicle.

    We manufacture 2-1/4”, 2-1/2”, and 3” inlet sizes for both straight and angled cut performance tips. We also manufacture 4″ and 5″ inlet diesel tips for diesel trucks. To get more information, answers to your questions, or personalized orders, e-mail us at ThunderExhaust@gmail.com. Our team would be glad to assist you.